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08/23SWKPLNT1.531.53?--BuySarawak Plantations Bhd 2Q FY 2017 Results Report (BUY)W&Y
08/23PETDAG24.0024.10?--SellHope Lies in Mesra to Cushion Weak Industry VolumesTA
08/23PRG1.001.01?--Hold2Q/FY17 results - revenue came in above expectations. Maintain Hold Call, with some upside.Malacca
08/23PETDAG24.0024.1028.00+4.00+16.67%BuyPetdag - Continuous Drive To Increase Throughput Per StationMIDF
08/23RHBBANK4.885.075.20+0.32+6.56%HoldRhb - Still Searching For The Right OneMIDF
08/23DELEUM0.770.800.77--HoldDeleum - Persistent Challenging Operating EnvironmentMIDF
08/23PETDAG24.0024.1024.64+0.64+2.67%HoldPetdag - 2Q17 Analyst BriefingHLG
08/23HSL1.451.451.48+0.03+2.07%HoldHock Seng Lee (Hold) - Project Delays Hamper EarningsHLG
08/23EDGENTA2.502.653.52+1.02+40.80%BuyUem Edgenta (Buy) - Flattish Core EarningsHLG
08/23UMWOG0.320.310.32--HoldUmw Oil & Gas - Lower Loss In 2Q17HLG
08/23FIMACOR2.372.332.50+0.13+5.49%HoldFima - Still A Mixed Outlook For Two DivisionsMIDF
08/23INARI2.502.552.29-0.21-8.40%HoldInari - Positivity Priced InMIDF
08/23TAANN3.473.504.30+0.83+23.92%BuyTa Ann - Plantation Division Is The Star PerformerMIDF
08/23INARI2.502.552.12-0.38-15.20%HoldInari Amertron (HOLD) - FY17 Results Beat ExpectationHLG
08/23BOILERM0.900.891.02+0.12+13.33%HoldBOILERMECH - Outlook to Improve in 2HFY18AMMB
08/23SALUTE1.421.421.66+0.24+16.90%HoldSALUTICA - Delay in Product Launch Poses DragAMMB
08/23AMBANK4.704.594.50-0.20-4.26%HoldAMMB - Did Not Pass The Courting StageMIDF
08/23AMBANK4.704.595.20+0.50+10.64%HoldRHB, AMMB - Back to status quoHLG
08/23RHBBANK4.885.075.50+0.62+12.71%HoldRHB, AMMB - Back to status quoHLG

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